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The RAAA Lounge at Hughes Stadium


Dec. 4, 2012

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Members of the Ram Alumni Athletes Assn., have exclusive use of a lounge before and during games at Hughes Stadium.

The loungeis located in the west concourse of Hughes Stadium.  The new-look lounge was renovated by the athletic department prior to the 2011 football season and offers comfort and convenience for RAAA members.

Members and their guests will find comfortable furniture, four flat screen TV monitors, a redesigned service counter, and wall posters featuring CSU All-Americans and other CSU Hall of Fame athletes.

The RAAA funded the purchase of new furniture and wall decorations and provides a warm, embracing and popular place to meet with former teammates and friends before a game or at halftime.

Alumni-athletes who attend home football games and are not members of the RAAA miss not only the benefits of the lounge, but also the opportunities to meet coaches and players of other CSU athletic teams.

In 2011, the RAAA Board of Directors welcomed the softball team, the tennis team, the women’s golf team, and the women’s basketball team to the lounge during half time.

This past season the Board hosted the men’s and women’s golf teams, the women’s basketball team, and a few of the volleyball players.

The coaches introduced the members of their team, who then visited with fans in the lounge.  Members of the team enjoyed meeting the RAAA members and their guests, many of whom are well-known throughout the CSU athletic community.

As an added benefit this year, the Board also provides free snacks and soft drinks and hot chocolate. 

If you are a CSU former-athlete, don’t miss any of the excitement of the RAAA Lounge on game day.

The RAAA Board invites all former CSU athletes to become members, enjoy this outstanding facility, and help the Board expand services and benefits for former and current CSU athletes. The Board’s operating budget is derived solely from membership dues-only $50 annually.

Just the opportunity to be in the lounge is is worth the membership fee. To learn more about the Ram Alumni Athletes Association or to join today, simply click on the links below.

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