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Ram Charge Results in over $70,000 in Scholarship Funds

Head Coach Jen Fisher spoke about the importance of growing the level of support leading into the 2012-13 year

Nov. 2, 2012

By Gary Ozzello

Ram fans from across the nation have played a key role in the Ram Charge membership drive in support of the Ram Club scholarship fund.

Ram Club donations help provide scholarship support to CSU’s nearly 400 student-athletes.

More than 100 Ram Captains accepted the challenge of encouraging 250 new members to join the Ram Club during a six-week drive beginning in July.  Their hard work and dedication to CSU Athletics made a tremendous impact.

During the campaign, 268 fans joined the Ram Club, resulting in $62,500 in support of student-athlete scholarships.  Ram Captains also succeeded in encouraging over $13,000 in upgraded memberships. 

In addition, season tickets to fall and winter sports were sold.  In all, over $76,000 in new scholarship funds for CSU student-athletes was raised. 

“Ram Captains became part of our team this year and really took ownership in the success of our programs,” said annual fund director Doug Patmore.  “The Ram Club community is growing and becoming more representative of the immense number of Ram fans.  Ram Captains made a real impact for in support of our student-athletes.” 

To put the success of the Ram Charge in perspective:

  • The new members secured during the Ram Charge drive equals 40% of the total new membership during the 2012 year.
  • The total scholarship support raised is equivalent to nearly four full-ride scholarships for CSU student-athletes.
  • Ram Club members who joined during the Ram Charge represent almost 12% of total Ram Club membership this year.

The Ram Charge kickoff event, held in the football locker room, featured messages from coaches Jim McElwain, Tom Hilbert, Jen Fisher, Woody Woodard, and other CSU Athletics leaders about the importance of growing the level of support leading into the 2012-13 year. 

The Ram Charge drive coincided with investments by University and athletics leadership aimed at elevating the profile of Colorado State University.  Enthusiasm from fans around the nation has risen and Ram Club membership has grown to over 2,300 members.  While members’ support has resulted in over $1.6 million in athletic scholarship funding, the Ram Club community has taken advantage of increased special access to CSU Athletics during the past year. 

As the 2013 year approaches, members can expect even more value for their investment.  Benefits offered to Ram Club members are designed to enhance the fan experience; from priority seating and special ticketing opportunities, to access to coaches and players, those that donate to the Ram Club are rewarded throughout the year for their generosity.

Ram Club members will have the chance to renew their 2013 membership early by making a year-end gift in December and can make gifts over a period of months.  To make the most of your fan experience, visit the official Ram Club website at www.CSURamClub.com or contact the CSU Athletics Development office at (970) 491-4666.

CSU Athletics extends its sincere thanks to the following Ram Captains who participated in the Ram Charge drive:

Mick Aller Luke Angerhofer Russ Baca C.J. Bang
Lyle Beaumont Bill Becker Del and Jean Benson Julie Birdsall
Dr. Alexander Brandl David Brunner Rob Bryant John Burkhartsmeyer
Grany Casey Clint Chafin Linda Clark Robert Clyde
Michael Coogan Robert Cowan Shar Crangle Daniel Crass
Dana Crovvsey Barbara Crowfoot Shawn Dalton Terry Danielson
Stacy Datteri-Frey Robert Deakin Erin Decker Kathi Delehoy
Mike Demma Audrie and Nick Diel Isis DiLoreti Mike Doland
Dr. Robert Ellis Kyle Elstun Jessica Farrell Wright Alan Feit
Jack and Ann Fenwick Daniel Frey Zach Frick Ryan Gilbert
Brian Grauberger Larry Graves Keith Guastella Michael Hager
Connie Hanrahan Dave Harder Kevin and Ginger Hillyard John Hintzman
Stan Hornung Kirk Hulbert Clifton Inbau Aubrey Jones
Eric Jones Kevin Keefe Randy Kinder Lance Krisl
Joe Kruse Matt Lenhart Roger Levin Susan Levin
Taras Lewus Paul Lewus Bill and Diana Liskey Kerrie Luginbill
Shane Malloy Bob Martin Brenda Martin Carl Maxey
Ed Maycumber David McGee James Merrill Susan Miller
Anthony Miranda Raymond Moreno Ben Morgan Gary Morley
Ken and Wendy Nakao Matt Nesbitt Douglas Nutt Kris Nylander
Nik Olsen Mary Ontiveros Michael Pappasa Doug Peden
Tony Phifer Frank Pierz Thomas Pixley Stan Podolski
Robert Prussman Kyle Ramstetter Randy Redmond Bryan Reid
Jerry and Carol Rice Wesley Rock Jamie Roles Steve Roman
Richard Sadowske John Sample Steve Sarno Kevin Scheuerman
Jake Schild Ryan Schleisman Rocky Scott Ryan Scrivner
Lee and Beckyk Seward Jason Smith John Spight Russ Sprague
James Stefanski Andrew Stewart Zach Stout C.J. Streit
Leif Tiley John Treacy Jennifer Umland George Van Dorin
Paul VanderVeer Jason VanOrt Elisabeth Wadman Lyle Wallace
Bob Waski Dave Weber Gary Wing Mark Wolfe
Bill Woods David Worford Michelle Wright Doug York
Thomas Ziegler


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