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Did you know about alumni athletes Bill Simpson and Bud Parker?

July 7, 2011

Ram Alumni Athletes Association

The February 8, 1945 issue of the campus newspaper, The Rocky Mountain Collegian, marked the 75th anniversary of the newspaper. One section of that issue highlighted the number of former "Aggies" who were casualties of WWII either as killed in action, missing in action, killed in training, prisoners of the Germans, or prisoners of the Japanese. The same section had short stories about two "Aggie" athletes who fought in the war.  One of the two, Bill Simpson, survived the war, and one, "Bud" Parker, didn't. Following are the stories exactly as printed in the Collegian.

Bill Simpson                   

Bill Simpson, prominent personality in Aggie life, holds the position of forward on the Aggie quintet. He is a handyman with the ball and has aided much in the accumulation of Aggie scores.

Bill, who is a former resident of beautiful, balmy, sunny, Southern California, (we're not working for the Calif. Chamber of Commerce, honest!) attended high school in Glendale. In 1939 he made ALL Southern California guard. Besides his activities in basketball, he was prominent in football and track.

His first year of college was spent in Wisconsin where he received his frosh numeral. At the present time, Bill is a junior in civil engineering.

In addition to his basketball activities, Bill is president of the veterans' organization on the campus, vice-president of the Sigma Nu fraternity and treasurer of the junior class.

"Bud" Parker

Gone but not forgotten by the Aggies is Captain Maurice M. Parker-just plain "Bud" to most of us. Bud was killed in Normandy July 4, 1944 at which time he was serving as liasion officer for the 79th Infantry detachment. To those who knew Bud, his own character, personality, and working ability he was a personal loss.

In school Bud served as one of the Aggies best basketball forwards of all times.  He played on the Aggie team in the years of 1940-41 and 42 and in 1941 was given All-conference honors as a forward. Today Bud's number is retired in honor of his playing.

There is no doubt that he was a good officer, leading his men as well as he led a basketball squad. Bud was affiliated with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and majored in Physical Education.