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Nominate a CSU alumni athlete for Hall of Fame consideration

April 28, 2009

As VAC Board members, we have primary responsibility for selecting and inducting outstanding CSU alumni athletes into the CSU Sports Hall of Fame. From time to time, people ask us why so-and-so is not in the Hall of Fame. Our usual response is that the person has not been nominated. No one can be considered for induction into the Hall of Fame unless they have been formally nominated. The process is fairly simple and anyone can nominate a CSU alumni athlete for Hall of Fame consideration. Here are some basic eligibility requirements:

* A nominee must have been in good academic and athletic standing while a student at Colorado State University.

* A nominee must have distinguished himself/herself as an outstanding competitor while at CSU. National, conference, and university athletic and academic awards won by a nominee will strengthen his or her nomination.

* There will be an eight-year waiting period upon completion of an individual's athletic career at CSU before they can be considered for the Hall of Fame.

* Athletes who compete in a professional sport after leaving CSU will not be considered for induction until they retire from their professional careers.

When a nomination form is received by the athletic department, it is first reviewed by the VAC Hall of Fame Nominating Committee to determine if the nominee is a legitimate candidate for the Hall of Fame. If the nominee qualifies for consideration, then the committee conducts further research to validate the nominee's credentials listed on the nomination form. Each year, the committee evaluates all new nominees, along with candidates that have been carried forward from previous years, and identifies a number of qualified candidates to be discussed by the entire Board. After reviewing these candidates, the Board selects 8 to 12 finalists and then votes on these finalists via secret ballot to select the final list of inductees for the current year. The inductees are recommended to the Athletic Director who approves the final list. In most years, between 3 and 6 candidates will be inducted. All of the finalists that are not inducted will automatically be included in the following year's deliberations for a period of three years. After that time, candidates must be re-nominated.

CSU athletics is rich with tradition and the Hall of Fame is comprised of outstanding individuals. However, there are deserving individuals that are not yet members of the Hall of Fame. The VAC needs help identifying these individuals. If you believe someone deserves consideration, then please complete a nomination form and submit it to the CSU athletic department.

More information about the Hall of Fame, the nomination process, and the actual nomination form can be found at the VAC Website (http://csurams.cstv.com/trads/csu-trads-formerathletes.html).

Thanks for reading and Go Rams!

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