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Booster and Social Networking Websites

Feb. 11, 2010

Many internet websites dedicated to reporting on the Rams contain message boards and chat rooms as well as recruiting information on prospective student-athletes.

According to the NCAA, representatives of athletics interests (including, but not limited to members of the Ram Club) are prohibited from making in-person, on-campus or off-campus recruiting contacts, or written or telephone communication with a prospect or the prospects relatives or guardians. All forms of electronic communication (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any social networking site) by a representative of athletics interests with a prospect are considered recruiting correspondence. Therefore, exchanging messages through a website message board or chat room with a prospective student-athlete is not permissible.

If a representative of athletics interests engages in recruiting correspondence with a prospect, it could adversely impact the ability for CSU to recruit that individual, and could also affect the prospects future eligibility to compete for the Rams. Prior to engaging in any form of communication with a prospective student-athlete, please remember to contact Colorado State’s Compliance Office.

Remember: Ask before you Act!

If you have any questions please contact Matt Brewer Assistant Athletic Director/Compliance