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Fan Behavior Guidelines

Colorado State University expects your cooperation in accepting responsibility for proper conduct in an atmosphere of sportsmanship that is the essence of college football. Enthusiastic student and alumni support in the stadium and at pregame tailgate parties is encouraged, but moderation and an attitude of civility is expected. A zero tolerance policy for public drunkenness, rowdy behavior, fights, thefts, destruction of stadium property and throwing of items onto the field will be enforced by law enforcement and stadium security personnel. Participating in such activity will be reason for immediate arrest or ejection from the game.

Stadium Security Issues...

  • Snack food, factory-sealed bottled water or soft drinks no larger than 20 oz, blankets and cushions are permitted in the stadium.
  • Other items not permitted include: weapons, fireworks or artificial noisemakers, and any container other than soft-sided purses, camera bags, fanny/back packs, and diaper bags less than 12" by 12" by 12".
  • All fans entering the stadium are subject to a search outside the entrance gates. Alcohol and other non-permissible items will be prevented from being carried into the stadium. People will have the option of returning those items to their vehicles or discarding them. No storage will be provided at the stadium.
  • Security personnel will check bags, containers, purses, blankets, coats, pockets, etc.


  • Ample parking is located adjacent to the stadium.
  • Season parking passes at a cost of $50 for all six home games in Fort Collins are available by calling 1-800-491-RAMS.
  • Single-game parking is $10 per car, $15 for an R.V. Contact the athletics department, 970-491-4666 with questions.
  • Stadium parking lots will open three hours prior to kickoff.
  • Tailgate parties must close 30 minutes prior to kickoff and fans begin their ingress to the stadium.

Tailgate parties are an integral part of the festive game-day atmosphere of college football. In order to enhance your experience and to provide appropriate public safety measures, the following tailgating guidelines have been implemented:

  • The responsible and controlled use of alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the stadium parking lots as permitted by law. Stadium security personnel will have an enhanced presence in the parking lots with the authority to evict fans that disregard the "zero tolerance" code or who violate any of the tailgating guidelines.
  • All beverages in possession must be in aluminum cans or plastic containers; no glass containers or kegs.
  • Stadium parking lots will open three hours prior to kickoff.
  • Tailgate parties must close 30 minutes prior to kickoff and fans begin their ingress to the stadium.
  • Fans are encouraged to decorate their tailgate spaces in a manner that is safe, in good taste, and add to the festivity of the event. All decorations must be removed prior to the game.
  • Bonfires, campfires, or open flame (excluding barbecue grills) are prohibited.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought through the gates Hughes Stadium.

ADA Accommodations: Trained guide dogs, signal dogs, or "service animals" are permitted inside Hughes Stadium.

Animals: Animals are not allowed at Hughes Stadium except for certified guide dogs for the disabled.

Bag Search: Stadium policy prohibits cans, bottles, ice chests, alcoholic beverages, etc., from being brought into the stadium. All bags are subject to search upon entry and within the stadium.

Banners and Signs: Please note:

  • Signs cannot be hung on the field perimeter wall;
  • Signs cannot obstruct another guest's view;
  • Signs cannot cover existing stadium advertising or signage;
  • Signs must be in good taste;
  • Signs may not be commercial or political in nature;
  • Signs may not be constructed of wood or metal material.

Bottles and Cans: It is prohibited to enter Hughes Stadium glass bottles or cans. A search will be conducted at the gates to assist in maintaining an absence of these and other prohibited items from entering the stadium.

Cameras/Video Recorders: Hand-held still camera photography is permitted at games for noncommercial personal photography. The use of tripods or video photography of any type is not permitted.

Cellular Phones: Usage of cellular phones in the stadium is allowed, so long as it does not disturb other fans in the area or interfere with their ability to enjoy the game.

Concession Stands: Sodexho is the exclusive concessionaire for Hughes Stadium and provides a wide range of food and beverage items, an expanded menu and additional points of sale.

Coolers: Coolers are not allowed inside Hughes Stadium.

Ejection: University and stadium personnel reserve the right to eject any person whose behavior is unruly or illegal in nature. Game tickets will be collected from those fans without refund and the guest will be escorted from the stadium.

First Aid: First aid is available during all events at first aid stations located on the concourses both sides of the stadium.

Lost and Found: Lost and found articles should be taken to the nearest stadium security member. After an event, all found articles will be taken to the athletic department offices. Call the CSU Police Department at (970) 491-7695 for information following an event.

Lost Children/Parents: All lost children should be escorted to the nearest security representative or event staff member. Lost children will then be escorted to the nearest security center. Lost parents should follow the same procedure.

Paging: Paging is permitted in case of medial emergencies only. If a medical emergency arises, contact the stadium security personnel.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

  • Alcohol; Bottles and Cans; Illegal Drugs; Confetti; Firearms and Weapons; Fireworks; Animals; Horns, whistles, noise makers; Signs, flags, and sticks; Umbrellas; Laser pointers; Food and beverages of any kind; Any container other than soft-sided purses, camera bags, fanny/back packs, and diaper bags less than 12" by 12" by 12"; Any item deemed to be a safety or security hazard.

Radios/Televisions: Radios and televisions are permitted so long as they do not disturb others seated nearby.

Re-Entry Policy: Hughes Stadium has a NO RE-ENTRY policy. Guests who leave the building will NOT be permitted to re-enter with an invalid ticket.

Restrooms: Restrooms are located throughout the stadium on the concourse level.

Stadium Emergencies: In the event of a serious stadium or stadium area emergency, stadium event staff, law enforcement and fire personnel are available to assist all patrons, including those with disabilities.

Umbrellas: Umbrellas are not allowed into the stadium.

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