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Academic Training Center

In 1998, Colorado State enhanced its weight room and built an academic center as part of the McGraw Athletic Center project, but these facilities no longer met the needs of its expanded student-athlete base, nor did they allow the Rams to compete for top-quality recruits.

Because of the heavy time constraints placed on CSU student-athletes through practice, travel, strength and conditioning, and community service, a quality learning environment is essential for the university's student-athletes to achieve the high standards of academic success expected of them.

The Academic and Training Center is the latest centerpiece for CSU's athletic program and support its mission to recruit, educate, develop, and graduate Rams student-athletes within an environment that prusues excellence, values integrity and ethical conduct, promotes respect for all individuals, teaches sportsmanship, entertains our constituents and emphasizes championship performance.

Cost: $7 million
Size: 16,000 sqauare feet,
Location: Southeast of the McGraw Athletic Center


  • Training portion includes a state-of-the-art weight room, strength and conditioning offices, a nutrition center and restrooms.
  • Academic center features five private tutorial rooms and large study areas
  • Includes a computer lab with 30 workstations, more workspace and offices for CSU's academic staff.

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