Athletics Staff Directory


McGraw Building
 Name  Position  Phone Email 
 John Morris  Interim Athletics Director  970-491-3350  Email 
 Jim Francis  Faculty Representative  970-491-6265  Email 
 David Crum  Senior Associate A.D. for Development  970-491-1665  Email 
 Steve Cottingham  Senior Associate A.D. for Business Operations/CFO  970-491-7075  Email 
 Jason Layton  Senior Associate A.D. for Sales & Marketing  970-491-1446  Email 
 Doug Max  Senior Associate A.D. for Facilities Management  970-491-2706  Email 
 Terry DeZeeuw  Associate A.D. for Sports Performance  970-491-6756  Email 
 Christine Susemihl  Senior Associate A.D. for Internal Operations  970-491-1493  Email 
 Albert Bimper Jr.  Senior Associate A.D. for Diversity & Inclusion  970-491-1859  Email 
 Mary Jo Brito  Executive Assistant to the Athletics Director  970-491-4810  Email 
 Carissa Sigward  Assistant to Athletic Administration  970-491-7217  Email 
 Fax Number    970-491-3226   
 Athletic Training
 Terry DeZeeuw  Associate A.D. for Sports Performance  970-491-6756  Email 
 Annie Lopez  Assistant Athletic Trainer  970-491-6756  Email 
 Crystal Finn  Assistant Athletic Trainer  970-491-6756  Email 
 Mac McDonald  Assistant Athletic Trainer  970-491-6756  Email 
 Ryan Callahan  Assistant Athletic Trainer  970-491-6756  Email 
 Greg Jensen  Assistant Athletic Trainer  970-491-6756  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-6167   
 Business Operations
 Steve Cottingham   Senior Associate A.D. for Business Operations/CFO  970-491-7075  Email 
 Matt Klein   Assistant A.D. for Business Operations  970-491-2686  Email 
 Brandon Bailey   Assistant Business Manager  970-491-6651  Email 
 Cindy Lavin   Assistant Athletic Business Manager  970-491-6651  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-1495   
 David Crum  Senior Associate A.D. for Development  970-491-1665  Email 
 Jay McMillin  Assistant A.D. for Development  970-491-7346  Email 
 Jamie Hays Szelc  Assistant Director for Development/Major Gifts  970-492-4195  Email 
 Terry Hemme  Assistant Director for Development/Major Gifts  970-492-4121  Email 
 Doug Patmore  Annual Fund Director  970-491-7291  Email 
 Jamie Hall  Donor Relations Coordinator  970-491-3688  Email 
 Tanya Ocana  Assistant to the Athletic Director for Development  970-491-6491  Email 
 Rickie Alvarez  Athletics Development Intern  970-491-4666  Email 
 Ram Club    970-491-4666  
 Fax Number    970-491-2353  
 Kris Young  Equipment Manager  970-491-5513  Email 
 Kyle Kotrous  Assistant Equipment Manager  970-491-5816  Email 
 Fax Number    970-491-2208  
 Game Management/Facilities
 Doug Max  Senior Associate A.D. for Facilities and Scheduling  970-491-2706  Email 
 Mark Paquette  Assistant A.D. for Facilities Operations  970-491-7414  Email 
 Gregg Max  Event Operations Manager  970-491-1119  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-3226   
 Marketing & Sales
 Jason Layton  Senior Associate A.D. for Sales & Marketing  970-491-1446  Email 
 Branon Vaughan  Director of Sales  970-492-4975  Email 
 Darren Morgan  Director of Marketing  970-491-1069  Email 
 Patrick Krza  Assistant Director of Marketing  970-491-2003  Email 
 Julius Luciano III  Ticket Sales Manager  970-492-4972  Email 
 Nick Rogers  Sales and Marketing Coordinator  970-492-4015  Email 
 Tim Brogdon  Marketing Coordinator  970-492-4014  Email 
 Kyle Stopperan  Coordinator of Graphic and Flash Design  970-491-3700  Email 
 Chase Eckerdt  Marketing Coordinator  970-491-2063  Email 
 Alana Curtis  Video Production Manager    Email 
 Heather Huff  Assistant Sales Manager  970-492-4974  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-2353   
 Media Relations
 Paul Kirk  Director of Media Relations (FB)  970-491-4672  Email 
 Danny Mattie  Assistant Director of Media Relations (MBB, MG)  970-491-5050  Email 
 Danielle Marshall  Assistant Director of Media Relations (WBB, SOC, T&F/CC)  970-491-6494  Email 
 Nic Hallisey  Assistant Director of Media Relations (VB, S&D, SB)  970-491-6127  Email 
 Stuart Buchanan  Media Relations Assistant (FB, WG, WTen)  970-491-0472  Email 
 John Hirn  Volunteer Historian  970-217-9679  Email 
 Craig Buchanan  Media Relations Student Assistant (SOC)  970-227-7889  Email 
 General Media Assistance    970-491-5067  
 Fax Number     970-491-1348   
 NCAA Compliance
 Shalini Shanker  Associate A.D. for Compliance  970-491-6170  Email 
 Leah Ratzlaff  Director of Compliance  970-491-5459  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-3226   
 Spirit Squads
 Dawn Burton  Cheerleading Head Coach  970-213-8939  Email 
 Brittany Wade-Pruett  Golden Poms Coach    
 Strength & Conditioning
 Jason Phillips  Head Strength & Conditioning Coach  970-491-3201  Email 
 Mike Kent  Head Football Strength & Conditioning Coach  970-491-7477  Email 
 Michael Ray  Assistant Football Strength & Conditioning Coach  970-491-7477  Email 
 Tracy Ljone  Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach  970-491-0747  Email 
 Jacquelyn Harris  Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach  970-491-0747  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-6167   
 Student-Athlete Support Services
 Sara Ray  Director of Student-Athlete Support Services  970-491-5075  Email 
 Becky Orr  Assistant Director of Student-Athlete Support Services  970-491-7126  Email 
 Arin Dunn  Academic Coordinator  970-491-7126  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-2372   
 Ticket Office
 Jessica Stremming  Ticket Operations Manager  970-491-RAMS  Email 
 Ryan Miller  Assistant Ticket Office Manager  970-491-RAMS  Email 
 Sean Curtis  Assistant Ticket Office Manager  970-491-RAMS  Email 
 Fax Number     970-491-1100   
 Basketball (Men's)
 Larry Eustachy  Head Coach  970-491-6232  Email 
 Leonard Perry  Assistant Coach  970-491-6232  Email 
 Ross Hodge  Assistant Coach  970-491-6232  Email 
 Steve Barnes  Assistant Coach  970-491-6232  Email 
 Tiffany Beckham  Director of Men's Basketball Operations  970-491-2945  Email 
 Willie Glover  Video Coordinator  970-491-6232  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214 Email 
 Basketball (Women's)
 Ryun Williams  Head Coach  970-491-6569  Email 
 Tim Moser  Assistant Coach  970-491-6569  Email 
 Brooke Atkinson  Assistant Coach  970-491-6569  Email 
 Rebecca Alvidrez  Assistant Coach  970-491-6569  Email 
 Kim Austin Mbadinga-Nzamba  Director of Women's Basketball Operations  970-391-3675  Email 
 Ashley Wiens  Video Coordinator  970-491-6569  Email 
 Chad Lavin  Director of Women's Basketball Administration  970-491-6569  Email 
 Marcie Johnston  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-6569  Email 
 Jim McElwain  Head Coach  970-491-6131  Email 
 Dave Baldwin  Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks  970-491-6131  Email 
 Marty English  Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers  970-491-6131  Email 
 Tim Skipper  Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers  970-491-6131  Email 
 Derek Frazier  Offensive Line  970-491-6131  Email 
 Jeff Hammerschmidt  Special Teams Coordinator/Running Backs  970-491-6131  Email 
 Greg Lupfer  Defensive Line  970-491-6131  Email 
 Al Simmons  Co-Defensive Coordinator  970-491-6131  Email 
 Art Valero  Tight Ends  970-491-6131  Email 
 Alvis Whitted  Wide Receivers  970-491-6131  Email 
 Tom Ehlers  Director of Football Operations  970-491-6131  Email 
 Tim LeRoy  Assistant Director of Football Operations  970-491-6131  Email 
 Drew Hill  Director of Player Personnel  970-491-6131  Email 
 Brett Tews  Video Coordinator  970-491-6962  Email 
 Deidra Church  Director of Football Administration  970-491-7818  Email 
 Golf (Men's)
 Christian Newton  Head Coach  970-491-2946  Email 
 Bret Guetz  Assistant Coach  970-491-2946  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214  Email 
 Golf (Women's)
 Annie Young  Head Coach  970-491-3589  Email 
 Jack "Rowdy" Garrett  Assistant Coach  970-491-3589  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214  Email 
 Bill Hempen  Head Coach  970-491-7147  Email 
 Kelly Labor  Assistant Coach  970-491-7147  Email 
 Chris Bentley  Assistant Coach  970-491-7147  Email 
 Marcie Johnston  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-6569  Email 
 Jen Fisher  Head Coach  970-491-6000  Email 
 Dede Pendleton-Helm  Assistant Coach  970-491-2867  Email 
 Melissa Perea-Martinez  Assistant Coach  970-391-0662  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214  Email 
 Swimming & Diving
 Chris Woodard  Head Coach  970-491-6026  Email 
 Kevin Witt  Diving Coach  970-491-7242  Email 
 MacKenzie Brown  Assistant Coach  970-491-3656  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214  Email 
 Jon Messick  Head Coach  970-491-1311  Email 
 Marcie Johnston  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-6569  Email 
 Track & Field/Cross Country
 Brian Bedard  Head Coach  970-491-7651  Email 
 Tim Cawley
 Assistant Coach  970-988-4919  Email 
 Art Siemers  Head Coach - Cross Country  970-491-5434  Email 
 Scott Dahlberg  Assistant Coach  970-491-5434  Email 
 Karim Abdel Wahab
 Assistant Coach  970-491-2962  Email 
 Cathleen Cawley  Assistant Coach/Director of Operations  970-491-4307  Email 
 Marcie Johnston  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-6569  Email 
 Tom Hilbert  Head Coach  970-491-6410  Email 
 Brook Coulter  Associate Head Coach  970-491-6582  Email 
 Luke Murray  Assistant Coach  970-491-6582  Email 
 Bri Olmstead  Director of Volleyball Operations  970-491-6582  Email 
 Karen Taylor  Sport Program Coordinator  970-491-0214  Email 
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AUG. 29

7:00 PM (Denver)
CSU vs. Colorado

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