QOTW - Week of July 9, 2012

Extra Benefits

Q: What can I get/do and not be considered breaching the "extra benefits" rule? 16.11.1


  • Deferred pay-back loan; as long as athletic ability has nothing to do with the loan received.
  • Loan from established family or friend; there must be a relationship between the individual and the student-athlete prior to the recruitment.
  • Disabling-Injury service
  • Occasional meals;
  • Retention of athletics apparel and equipment; a student-athlete may keep their apparel (not equipment) at the end of their collegiate career. Used equipment may be purchased by the student-athlete.
  • Summer use of athletics equipment
  • Student orientation sessions
  • Frequent flyer points from traveling
  • Reasonable tokens of support and transportation, housing and meal expenses in the event of serious injury, serious illness, or death of family member or teammate.
  • Career counseling and internship/job placement services

As always, be sure to get in touch with the Compliance Office and ask before you act!