QOTW - Week of June 11, 2011

Football Practice Start Date

Q: When is the first official practice for football this summer?

A: August 4th is the first official practice. There are some exceptions to the rules though;

There shall be a limit of 110 student-athletes who may engage in preseason-practice activities at an institution, provided the institution establishes its first preseason practice date and engages in not more than 27 actual practice sessions. This exception shall apply exclusively to institutions that award financial aid in football pursuant to the following criteria, even if there are student-athletes who participate in football and one or more other sports who receive athletics aid in sport(s) other than football.

Remember: You can always have voluntary practice. This would not involve any coaching staff or verbal reporting of what happened during the voluntary practice to coaches.

As always, be sure to get in touch with the Compliance Office and ask before you act!