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The Colorado State University Compliance Office is responsible for ensuring that all individuals who represent the institutions athletic programming complies with the rules and regulations set forth by Colorado State University, Mountain West (MW) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

It is important that CSU maintains the highest level of integrity both on and off the field. For this reason, it is imperative that the CSU Compliance Office maintains institutional control which includes taking responsibility and monitoring the actions of coaches, staff and student-athletes.

The Primary Functions of the Colorado State University Compliance Office
  • Provide instruction and awareness of the rules and regulations to coaches, administrators, student-athletes and prospective student athletes of expectations from the university,
  • Provide interpretations of NCAA and MW rules and assist in making sure all coaches, administrators, student-athletes and prospective student athletes are compliant,
  • Monitoring activity such as recruiting, eligibility, financial aid, amateurism, playing and practice limitations, etc.,
  • Investigate and report any NCAA or MW rules violations.
Ask Before You Act!

If you have any questions regarding NCAA rules, please contact any member of the CSU Athletic Compliance Office before taking part in an activity that could potentially jeopardize your job or a student-athletes participation in intercollegiate athletics.

CSU Compliance Staff

Shalini Shanker, Associate Athletic Director/Compliance
(970) 491-6170

Leah Ratzlaff, Director of Compliance
(970) 491-5459

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