Join CSU men's basketball player Adam Nigon on Wed. Nov. 19 at 2:00 p.m. MT for a live chat! You can submit your questions in advance and check back here on Wednesday to view Adam's responses. Adam Nigon is here to answer your questions. Lets get right to it!

lindsey fort collins: Hey Nigon good luck this season and I hope you have a great season and year and good luck to everything. Lindsey, Go Rams!
Adam Nigon: Thanks Lindsey, that means a lot to the team.

Stan (Colorado Springs): Adam, we really appreciate the way you play the game. When did it sink in that you were a division 1 basketball player in the Mountain West Conference?
Adam Nigon: Probably the first time I got dunked on. I wasn't used to playing with guys that athletic.

Nigon biggest fan: Y ru da X Factor???
Adam Nigon: Because I do the little things.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins CO: What do you think about the Mountain West this year for Basketball? Give me your top three teams?
Adam Nigon: I think the MWC is continually getting better as the games go by. I think the top 3 teams this year are going to be BYU, UNLV and CSU.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins CO: Hello Adam what did you think of the win on Tuesday night over UNC?
Adam Nigon: It's a great win for us and me personally because I had a few kids I grew up playing ball with on the other team. So it's great to rub it in their face a little bit.

Travis (Parker): You played really well in the MWC tournament last year. I loved some of the backdoor plays. Are we going to see more of that this year?
Adam Nigon: Definitely, teams that overplay on the wing are susceptible to back cuts, plus cutting is a big part of my game.

Ricky (Loveland): How excited are you guys to play a Big Ten team at home?
Adam Nigon: Very excited! Any time you get a big time program like that to your campus, it's good for your fans, and players get a feel for the competition that are in the bigger conferences.

Iris (Fort Fun): How much different is it walking around campus as a student-athlete compared to when you were just an average Joe student?
Adam Nigon: Not a whole lot really, school's a lot harder because there's no free time, but I look like an average student anyway.

Jim (Fort Collins): What's it like playing for Coach Miles?
Adam Nigon: It has its ups and downs. He's a great coach, he's got a good feel for the game and I like the way he carries himself.

Henry (Georgia): Where you a CSU Rams fan growing up?
Adam Nigon: Not really, more of a buffalo fan, but that's changed.

Travis (Parker): What would you say are the best things you bring to the team?
Adam Nigon: The little things.
Adam Nigon: I worked a lot on my jump shot and my physical strength.

Dan (Windsor): What do you think you improved on the most in the off season?

Ricky (Loveland): How do you like being a reality TV star on the Reaching the Peak show on the Mtn. Do you guys know when the cameras are on?
Adam Nigon: It's great. It's fun to see your team on and off the court and a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that I usually don't see with the coaches.

Katelyn (Windsor): I see you just had a birthday. Did you do anything fun or get any cool presents?
Adam Nigon: Yeah I hung out with family and friends. I did get a cool set of binoculars.

Shane: What is your favorite part of Fort Collins and CSU?
Adam Nigon: Downtown Fort Collins is fun. The new Academic Village dining hall.

RamFan: I missed the game last night, how many points did you get?
Adam Nigon: Goose egg. Got into some trouble on defense and couldn't get it goin on the other end.

Fort Collins Ram Fan: What's the key to beat Minnesota Saturday night?
Adam Nigon: We have to handle their relentless full court pressure. Matching their intensity and having a large to cheer us on!

Fort Collins Ram Fan: This team seems more versatile that last year. What does that allow you as a team to do?
Adam Nigon: It allows us to give other team a lot of different looks with different matchups. It also allows to play the positions we're supposed to play with the addition of our big men transfers.

Elle (Windsor): Which team mates do you compete against the most? Are there any fun rivalries in the weight room or at practice?
Adam Nigon: We all compete against each other a lot in practice. There are some good battles between Marcus and Willis in the weight room, on the court and off the court.

Dean (Fruitvale): Did you grow up playing any other sports other than Basketball?
Adam Nigon: I grew up playing baseball, soccer and basketball, but when I got to high school, I decided to concentrate on basketball.

Alice (Loveland): Are you going to get a Timmy vs. Tubby shirt?
Adam Nigon: I definitely hope there's one left for me, but if we get more than 2,000 people there, I won't be upset.

Bill B.: Who is the hardest opponent you have ever faced on the court?
Adam Nigon: That's a tough one. Probably Lee Cummard of BYU.

Fort Collins Ram Fan: How much did the trip to Vancouver help the team?
Adam Nigon: It helped us grow a lot as a team and to help understand each others habits on the court and off the court.

Eric (Arvada): Does CSU have a chance to be a contender this year?
Adam Nigon: Definitely if we continue to work hard practice and get better every day, we could surprise some people.

Frances (Fort Collins): Who on the team gets his swerve on best with the ladies?!
Adam Nigon: Probably my man Mike Lebsack.

Ram Fan: I noticed last night that the transfer from mississipi st. didnt get many touches. Don't you think that needs to be the key for CSU to compete in the Mountain West and other tough teams you play.
Adam Nigon: Yeah he's definitely the key, but he's like a black hole. The ball goes in, but it doesn't come out. J/k

Mike (Fort Collins): How does Tim Miles compare to the other coach's you have had in your career?
Adam Nigon: Him and my high schoool coach have the same philosophies in the way that they coach. It's made it easy for me to transition from my high school coach to Coach Miles.

jim moline: hey u this is Jim in Illinois
Adam Nigon: Hey uncle Jim! What's up? Thanks for the question.

Victor - Broomfield: What happened to you with that 3pt shot you missed last night. What went wrong?
Adam Nigon: The ball slipped out of my hands.

ABBEY IN DAVENPORT: u have mad skills
Adam Nigon: Thanks for noticin

Rams: Hey congrats on the win last night..what was your stat line?
Adam Nigon: Zero points, one steal and lots of yelling from the bench. But the one that matters the most is the big W.

Victor (broomfield): I watched you play in high school. I really love the way you play the game with all of your heart. You are my favorite player. Best of luck, adam!!
Adam Nigon: Thanks. If you stay after next game, I'll be sure to give you my autograph!

Sherri (Kansa): Do you have a girlfriend?
Adam Nigon: Yes...

tyler iowa: whats your favorite video game mine is all of them
Adam Nigon: Halo 3.

Rams1: How lucky was that near half court shot in 2004 state playoffs to beat Windsor??
Adam Nigon: There was no luck. I knew it was going in the whole time. Sorry Wizards fans.

Victor (broomfield): I went to your preseason game against Adams State and you were the player on the ticket. You have officially made it as a D1 athlete. Has this been your dream growing up?
Adam Nigon: No when I realized I didn't have a future in the music industry, I fell back on basketball.
Adam Nigon: Thanks for all the great questions Ram fans! Hope to see ya at Timmy vs. Tubby Saturday night at 8!

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