Marcus Walker
Chat live with senior guard Marcus Walker!

Walker, the reigning Mountain West Conference Newcomer of the Year, returns for his senior season after averaging a team-high 17.1 points per game last season. He is one of the leaders for the new-look Rams as they are set to open regular-season action on Nov. 14 against Montana.

Fans are invited to ask questions about the upcoming season, Monday's win over Chadron State and the team's upcoming reality show on The Mtn. television network.

CSU Moderator: Good afternoon Ram fans and thank you for visiting for today's chat with men's basketball player, Marcus Walker I am your CSU moderator for today. Marcus, thank you for joining us. We have quite a few questions so let's get right to it.

Dave (Denver): So is Marco Polo really your nickname or did Willis make that up?
Marcus Walker: I first got it from my cousin back at home, but Fort Collins wise, I did get it from Willis.

Sandy (Fort Collins): Please explain why your uniform looks three sizes too big!
Marcus Walker: I have not clue why it was that big last year, but I has gotten altered since then. So instead of 4XL last year, it's probably at 1XL this year.

CAM is Da Man (CSU): Did you want to hit Tim Miles at the homecoming football game when he said the players guaranteed a conference championship?
Marcus Walker: No because you gotta start somewhere with your goals for the season, regardless of whether they're realistic or not, you got to set high goals for yourself, regardless of what anybody else thinks.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins Colorado.: How do you think your team played on Monday night in the win over Chadron State? What do you think about the Mountain West this year for basketball? Name your top three teams?
Marcus Walker: I think we played ok, you know it can always be better. I think the MWC is going to be real good this year considering highly recruited athletes and good coaches. Top three teams are probably UNLV, BYU and New Mexico.

JJ (Tuscaloosa): Marcus, the roles of some of the returners are probably fairly easy to define., but what do you see as the roles of some of the newcomers and what might be some of their strengths?
Marcus Walker: Harvey is athletic defender, he plays good defense and brings high energy. Bocar, he's gonna be a work force for us down in the paint. Setting picks, rebounding, scoring and knowing the plays. Travis, need him to bring big men outside the paint. He's a face-up guy that can dribble and can bring other defenses outside the comfort zone and he's a good rebounder. Andy Ogide can bring his experience, scoring ability and aggresive attitude. I just think he could be one of the best players in our conference. Jesse uses craftiness as far as getting to the basket, he's a good shooter and he's easy to listen to as a point guard because he has the personality to do so.

Alysen (Denver): What do you like/dislike about being on a TV show?
Marcus Walker: I like that it gives you opportunity to show your personality, your parents get to see it which is good for me because last year, my parents probably came to a total of 6 games. The disadvantage is when the camera is on in practice, it gets coach more riled up to do better in practice. Especially me.

Casey (Fort Collins): Hi Marcus, two weeks ago Willis Gardner said he would most like to beat UNLV. What team would you most like to beat?
Marcus Walker: Anybody we play, we lost all of our games last year, so you can't have a favorite team to beat. For me it would be anybody, regular season, post season. Any win is a good win for me.

Casey (Fort Collins): Hi Marcus, I'm looking forward to the upcoming season. Do you mind that the MWC championships are held on UNLV's home court and if so, where would you like to see the tournament played?
Marcus Walker: It's a good place to be Las Vegas as far as the excitement goes, but if I could play the tournament anywhere, I would play in my hometown of Kansas City. We got a new arena this year and it's only five blocks away from where I live.

Casey (Fort Collins): Have you gotten used to the new 3 point line? Didn't seem to bother you guys in the exhibition game on Monday night. (You guys should dunk more)
Marcus Walker: I agree with the dunking, although I'm not a dunker, I try my best to get my teammates dunkin more for the fans. But as far as the 3 point line, I think we have adjusted pretty well.

Denver: I hear your from Kansas, how do you like Colorado?
Marcus Walker: Well actually I'm from Kansas City, Missouri, the show me state. I like the mountains, that's why I really came here. Basketball was below that on the list.

Carver: Marcus - It really is enjoyable to see you and Willis working together in the backcourt for the Rams. Do you think there is a better duo in the MWC?
Marcus Walker: No, I'm glad I came here to CSU. Regardless of our season last year, our team chemistry is better than anyone elses. I like playing with Willis, it will be interesting to see how we play now that he's healthy.

Mya (Fort Collins): Hey Marcus! I've heard that you are interested in helping children in your hometown after graduation. I think that's awesome... what are your plans to make that happen?
Marcus Walker: Right now I've put together a proposal, which the coaches helped me, to coach a boy's basketball team this summer. It would probably be high school freshman team. From there I'd like coach boys and girls in any sport, or just work with kids in general even if they don't play sports. Hopefully it will grow to more cities. My goal is to work with kids without a cost to them and have a place where they can go and feel comfortable away from all the other negative things that surround them.

Whitney (Loveland): What is your major in college and why?
Marcus Walker: Liberal Arts, Sociology, it was fashion design, but due to the fact that I have one more year left, and I don't not want to be in school no longer. I thought it would be better for me to graduate, I'd be the first to graduate from my family.

Stu (Fort Collins): Do you have a certain routine or pregame ritual that you have to follow each game?
Marcus Walker: Yeah I have to call my mama before every game and eat skittles and put them in my sock.

Jackson (Wichita): Marcus, where do you see CSU finishing in the MWC this season?
Marcus Walker: Well hopefully first, but realistically we could easily be 3rd or 4th.

Brian (Windsor): What is your most memorable moment from last season and what do you look forward to the most this season?

Keith (Fort Collins): Marcus - I really enjoyed your dance-off with Willis Gardner during 10 o'clock rock. Did you guys practice your dance moves at home?
Marcus Walker: Oh no, that was a last minute thing. Travis Franklin said, since we were the two most popular players, he would get crowd participation points no matter what dunk he did.

sioux falls sd: Looking foward to your offensive power this season... like 40 points a game ! Good luck ! The Coaches Mom, Alyce Miles
Marcus Walker: Thank you and I'll be looking forward to seeing you at the games and at the family dinners when coach invites us over. There should be more dinners this year.

Devin (A-Town): you like the Ram horns on the floor of Moby? Some people like them, some don't. I think it gives Moby some character. Do the players like it?
Marcus Walker: Yeah I like it a lot. When I graduate, I plan to get the Ram symbol tatooed on me. That would explain how much I like it.

Kansas City: I will be watching you very close this year. More than 6 games.
Marcus Walker: Thank you mom. I know that's you. I love you!

Mark (Tampa Bay): You see yourself playing the 1 or 2 Gaurd this year?
Marcus Walker: More of the 2 guard this year. I gotta get better as a point guard, I'll probably play more of the 2.

Harm (Ft Collins): Who is your biggest role model?
Marcus Walker: My mom. Just because of the simiple fact that she gave up everything for me.

Nick (Denver): Who is the funniest player on the team and why?
Marcus Walker: Oh man that's hard, we got a lot of funny people on the team, but I'd probably say, probably Willis or Travis Franklin.

Ashley (Texas): Single or Taken?
Marcus Walker: I'm taken, sorry ladies.

Elle (Windsor): After playing for a different team each year in college, how does it feel to finally be a "returner"?
Marcus Walker: It's good, I just like that I have a place to call home.

Matt (Ft Collins): Has the success of the football team had any influence on your goals or mind set going into this season?
Marcus Walker: I think it has influenced our team, just as far as when other sports in the program are doing good. It kinda puts pressure on you to do good as well. As far as our team goes, no, because it's a different sport and what you can accomplish is different because of how many games we play. But it always helps when your program is doing well.
Marcus Walker: Thanks CSU Ram fans, both students and the community. Look forward to seeing you at the games. Our next game is Saturday at 7pm. Look forward to seeing you there, energized and ethusiastic. Go Rams!!!

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