Tim Miles has he compiled a career record of 219-157 that includes three conference championships and three national tournament appearances.
Chat with Men's Basketball Head Coach Tim Miles about the upcoming season.

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On Wednesday, Rams fans will have the opportunity to chat online with men's basketball Head Coach Tim Miles at 2 p.m. (MT) on CSURams.com

Fans are invited to ask questions about the upcoming season, 10 O'clock Rock on Thursday, the team's preseason trip to Canada and the team's upcoming reality show on The Mtn. television network.

Moderator: Good afternoon Ram fans and thank you for visiting CSURams.com for today's chat with men's basketball coach, Tim Miles. Tim, thank you for joining us today. We have a lot of questions for Willis so let's get right to it.
Tim Miles: Hello Rams fans!

Dave (Denver): I'd like to hear your comments on the state of basketball on the Front Range. With CU, Air Force and Wyoming all down, it seems like dominance in the area is right there for the taking. Is it a positive or negative that the Front Range is down?
Tim Miles: I think that it is down right now, but no so long ago it wasn't down on the Front Range and now is as good a time as any to compete for post-season play on a regular basis.

Lon K. (Las Vegas): Tim, where do you think the MWC tournament should be held? People complain about UNLV having an advantage, but when it was in Denver no one went.
Tim Miles: Well LON... If the NCAA is about fairness and equity, it would make sense to me, that our key conference event is played in a fair and equitable environment. UNLV has a tremendous advantage hosting the MWC tournament.

42nd biggest Coach Miles fan (Yuma): Coach Miles. We love having you here in Fort Collins. Do you believe CSU can build a basketball program that can compare to the Gonzaga's, Creighton's, Marquette's? Programs that are always in contention for an NCAA at-large bid? If so, what steps are needed to get there?
Tim Miles: My goal every year is for CSU to make the NCAA tournament and win when we get there. Certainly, we have room to grow in terms of our budget and facilities upgrade, but things are improving. Look at our new practice facility and academic center that will be up next fall.

Tessa (Fort Collins): Why do you bother bringing a suit jacket to the game when you never wear it?
Tim Miles: It's my deal. Everyone's gotta have a quirk and that's mine.

Tony (Fort Collins): Thanks for doing this chat Coach. I'm very excited for this upcoming season. I wish more people in this town were. What are your impressions of the CSU fan base after your first season?
Tim Miles: I found our fans to be supportive and energetic about the Rams. Our job is to engage more of them. Winning can solve that.

Dan (Windsor): What player do you think is going to surprise us the most in 2008-09?
Tim Miles: I would expect Andy Ogide to perform well. He's been our most consistent performer in the weight room, in the class room and on the practice floor.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins CO: How do you think your team will do this year in the Moutain West Conference? What do you hope to get out of the 10 O'Clock Rock event on Thursday night?
Tim Miles: I hope Marcus Walker doesn't get beat in the celebrity 3-point shootout by a student. These are lofty goals, I know, but they're my hopes and dreams.

harold syracuse ny: Are you ever going to schedule a game with Syracuse? We will have filet mignon with ketchup if you do. Good luck this year guido!
Tim Miles: Not as long as Bernie Fine is the coach for the cuse.

Joel (Denver): Hi coach, thanks for taking the time to do this chat. Aside from the roster turnover, what is the biggest difference you see in this year's team?
Tim Miles: We have more length, more athleticism, we resemble a MWC team, which we did not last year. We still lack depth, but I look forward to a much improved season.

Steve (Ft Collins): I heard your guarantee statement at the football game. What, realistically, do you expect this year's team to do in conference?
Tim Miles: My goal is that we break into the upper echelon and play in the post season.

Bob (Denver): Coach, thank you for talking to us. What made you pick Canada to take your trip and how did that help your team prepare for this year?
Tim Miles: The way we did it this year, we could only go over Labor Day, so we had to go somewhere close. Vancouver is beautiful. And we had a great experience. Foreign trips like that are very beneficial. We got 10 practices under our belt, we got a chance to spend a lot of time together, we saw great sites and all those little things that you find out about the team, who sleeps, who snores...

JoeyB (Ftc): Who was you biggest coaching influence, and what coach showed you how to take off your sports coat after the opening whistle? And...while I am at it....when will the full court press be implemented? :>) Good Luck in 08/09 and GO RAMS!
Tim Miles: I'm a self-made man when it comes to that suit coat. I would say my greatest influences were when I was an assistant at Northern State. Bob Olsen, the head coach, and Jim Kretchman the AD, were great philisophically for me to be around for six years. GATA BABY

Banchee (Marshall, Minn.): What is the biggest difference from coaching high level D2 basketball to major D1 basketball. I'm sure there are great players in D2 but is the major difference just skill level?
Tim Miles: It's the atleticism and going out of your region to find players that really care about the program and the university, and are good enough to play in the Mountain West.

Steve(FtC): My season tickets arrived the other day and there were no tickets in the package for the exhibition with Chadron State on 11/3. What's up with that?
Tim Miles: That one's on Coach Miles, I'm picking up that tab. It's free

Kyle (Fort Collins): I'm really excited for the season. With the loss of Vandervieren and Aguilar, the team got quite a bit smaller. Do you see Travis Franklin and Flynn Clayman being big and strong enough to log some minutes on the front line to spell Ogide and Bocar Ba?
Tim Miles: Those two guys right now are practicing at our 4 spot and getting lots of reps and are going to get every opportunity to see the floor, especially early in the season.

Rob (Paterson, NJ): Coach, with the rest of the conference "raising the bar" with recruits, schedules and making it to post season tournies, where you see your program in the next few years once you get your cycle of recruits in and into your system?
Tim Miles: Most likely only Utah is going to play a more difficult schedule than us this year. When I got here, we upgraded our schedule for a couple reasons. We thought that's what the program needed and that's what our fans wanted. We're improving our facilitites. Our goal remains constant, we want to make the NCAA tournament and we want to win when we get there.

Mark (Fort collins): What did you learn from last year that you will do differently this year?
Tim Miles: What I learned last year doesn't really pertain to what I will do this year. Although I would never like to go throught what we went through last year, I'm looking forward to our second go around in the MWC. It's an exciting time for us and we're looking forward to making significant progress.

Joey (Pebble Beach): Timmy! How's the swing? and have you beat Niko Medved yet?
Tim Miles: On the golf course I own Niko Medved. I was 3-1-1 against him this year. In fact, I put a down payment on a vacation condo in San Diego just because of Niko Medved.

JoeyB (FtC): Coach...thoughts on how influential internet sites and message boards can have on recruits in this new age of recruiting and technology?
Tim Miles: Well, we're doing an online live chat aren't we? But honestly, it's amazing the way technology and specifically internet, website message boards, and recruiting sites have a major impact on what we do.
Tim Miles: Wow, time flies when you're having fun. This has been great. I'm sorry I didn't get to all the questions. Thank you for joining us today. I look forward to seeing you at 10 O'clock Rock on Thursday. We have an exciting schedule this season, thank you for coming out this season. GO RAMS!

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