Willis Gardner
Senior CSU guard Willis Gardner won't be here until Wednesday at 2 p.m. MDT, but feel free to submit your question in advance. Gardner, CSU's starting point guard, will answer questions from here in the McGraw Athletic Center as his team prepares for its first official practice of the 2008-09 season.

Submit your questions now!

Matt Knoll: Good afternoon Ram fans and thank you for visiting CSURams.com for today's chat with men's basketball player, Willis Gardner. I am Matt Knoll and I will be your moderator for today. Willis, thank you for joining us today. We have a lot of questions for Willis so let's get right to it.
Willis Gardner: Our expectation this year is to make it to post season play. Our style of play will be to try to transition more.

Joel (Denver): Hi Willis...We've got upwards of 10 new players on the roster this year who weren't available last season. Obviously, the core group of starters is still in tact, but can you give us some insight on how the new additions will affect the team's performance on the court this year? Good luck this season!
Willis Gardner: All the new players will have an impact this year, they all played well summer in Canada. Travis Franklin can get the hole at will. Jesse Carr is a solid freshman, he looks good. Noel Cardinelli, Mike is very fast and can create for others. Harvey Perry is great defender and he can score as well. Andy Ogide, who we call pop-a-shot, is a real good scorer and shot player. Mame Bocar Ba is a physical presence.

Dee (Berthoud): Willis, how's the shoulder? You guys are awesome. Hey, are you still havin that 10 o'clock rockin around the clock deal like last year? I hope so. It was awesome.
Willis Gardner: My shoulder's are better, I still haven't gotten cleared to play fully yet. We are doing 10 o'clock again on the 23rd. Its the same deal as last year. Scrimmages, 3-point shoot out, dunk contest. It's free too.

Mike (Fort Collins): What nickname should fans call you and why?
Willis Gardner: Haha, everybody back home calls me Wu, that's my nick name.

Frank (Pasadena): I hear the Rams are going to be featured on the Mtn's "Reaching the Peak" series... Are you excited about becoming a TV star?
Willis Gardner: Of course! I'd like to showcase some of my dance moves, which I did in Canada. I'm trying to jumpstart my acting career. It's going to be on The Mtn. mid-November.

Tommie (Denver): Hey Willis. Thanks for doing this chat. What do you like most about coach Miles? Does he yell a lot at you guys in practice?
Willis Gardner: Coach Miles gets the best out of all of us, on and off the court. He treats everybody equal.

Denver: What are your goals and aspirations after leaving college?
Willis Gardner: Hmm. I don't think I've decided that one yet. I'd like to keep playing basketball for as long as I can. I'd also like to do something for troubled kids. I like children.

Jason (Fort Collins): Willis, what made you want to come to CSU?
Willis Gardner: Coach Miles, and when I came on my visit, everyone was very nice. I thought it would be a great fit for me.

Kyle (Fort Collins): How do you see the front-court rotation working now that Dan and Ronnie won't be playing?
Willis Gardner: Nothing has been finalized yet on the rotation.

Tom(Fort Collins): How are you guys grades this year..is anybody enforcing you to excel in class
Willis Gardner: Our grades are better than last year. Our coache's number one priority is to get us all to graduate.

Ginny (Fort Collins): Willis, who's better looking, you or Marcus Walker?
Willis Gardner: Willis Gardner of course! I do like the baldness that Marcus Walker has.

Tony (Loveland): Hey Willis, I saw where you guys are picked to finish 8th this year. Why should we not believe that? What can you tell us about this year's team so we know we won't finish that low?
Willis Gardner: We have great athletes, better players, and this year we've been doing more team bonding. It wasn't like that last year.

Mike (Colorado Springs): Willis, on road trips who on the team is responsible for keeping an eye on Coach Miles? The look on his face with the t-shirt gun leads me to think he might cause some havok if left un-supervised.
Willis Gardner: The graupenator, Mark Graupe. He keeps an eye on him.

Tom(Fort Collins): Thats good man..My cousin played juco with Travis Franklin play last year..It seems to me he can play the one through four..where would he be playing this year
Willis Gardner: Travis is a solid player, he can pass the ball real well. He can put people in a quick blend.

Gary(Northglenn): What's the toughest game on your schedule -- I see you got Stanford and Minnesota comin here this year,
Willis Gardner: To me all the games on the schedule are big games for me. I'm looking forward to the conference games this year though.

Billy(Broomfield): How is the pride of Broomfield Colorado lookin Adam Nigon? He is my hero!
Willis Gardner: Adam is doing real good this year. He shows great leadership.

Derrick (Los Angeles): Willis---if you were still a recruit deciding on a school, would TV exposure factor in? Just curious on your thoughts on The Mtn. I used to hate the MWC's move from ESPN, but now, I see 15/games per year via DirecTV as opposed to 2 or 3 on ESPN like before. Thoughts on The Mtn?
Willis Gardner: I like The Mtn. It's good that it got picked up by DirecTV, so now my family and friends can watch me play. I think The Mtn. will help in recruiting in the future. Families can watch their kids all across the country.

Ginny (Fort Collins): So, does that mean you're going to shave your head too?
Willis Gardner: I don't think so. Maybe, if that's what the fans want.

Tom(Fort Collins): what is a "quick blend"
Willis Gardner: A nice cross-over.

Ryan (Longmont): Willis, I know you'd like to beat everyone on the schedule, but if you had to chose one team that you'd absolutely enjoy taking to the woodshed more than any other, who would it be?
Willis Gardner: UNLV

Ahmed (Jackson Hole): Coach Miles gauranteed Mountain West Conference Victory and said CSU Fans are the best in America at last week's football game. Do You agree with these statements?
Willis Gardner: Yes I do. CSU has the best fans.

Zach Fort Collins: Whats you're favorite thing to do off the court?
Willis Gardner: Candle-light dinners, long walks in the park, watching the sunset.

Jack(Las Vegas): Why the hate on UNLV?
Willis Gardner: They are the team to beat in the conference. They've won the championship the past two years in a row.

Tom(Fort Collins): lol..thats great man..but if he is 6'7 with a "quick blend" you guys should have some matchup problems for other teams
Willis Gardner: Yeah we might.

Joe (Compton): Are you gonna miss Jesse Woodard this year?
Willis Gardner: I think everybody will miss Jesse, he was a good kid.

Sally --Ft Collins: Thank you for talking to us fans. This is great. Who's your favorite NBA player?
Willis Gardner: Rondo and Kyle Lowry

Jack(Las Vegas): Who is the toughest player for you to defend in the MWC? Also if you could have one player from another MWC school play for the Rams who would it be?
Willis Gardner: Everybody in our conference is tough to guard. I'm fine with everyone on our team, I wouldn't want anybody else.
CSU Moderator: Thank you fans for chatting it up with Willis Gardner. Look for more chats on CSURams.com in the near future.

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