Chat live with Andre McFarland of the CSU men's basketball team!
CSU Moderator: The team meeting is running a little long. Andre will be here shortly.
CSU Moderator: Andre McFarland is here to answer your questions. Lets get right to it!

Ricky (Loveland): Do you get up more playing UNLV than other teams because you're from Las Vegas?
Andre McFarland: Yeah, you kind of feel more excited playin against a home town team. You wanna do well for you family.

Gary (Fort Collins): What is it going to take for you and the Rams to break out of this slump? Is the new offense helping?
Andre McFarland: It is. It's working now, we're getting more comfortable with it. There's more of a flow. We can break this slump starting with UNLV!

Dave (Denver): Hey Andre, don't get too down about the last two losses. There is still a lot of basketball to play. You're season could turn around in an instant, starting with tomorrow night. Keep shooting those jumpers, they're going to start falling. Best of luck the rest of the season. Go Rams!
Andre McFarland: Thank you.

Granderson (Vegas): There seem to be a ton of great high school players coming out of Las Vegas every year. The Rams got you and Harvey. Do you think the Rams are going to be looking at any other Vegas players? Do you try to "recruit" guys from Vegas to join you at CSU?
Andre McFarland: I've tried really hard to get one of my friends to come here. We'll see what happens. Las Vegas has a ton of good talent.

Tessa (Loveland): What's been your favorite memory of the season so far?
Andre McFarland: The Hawaii trip was pretty fun. It was a good time to get away and spend time with the team. We got a couple of good wins out there, just couldn't 'close out the championship.

Amanda (Fort Collins): How big was DeMarlo Slocum in factoring your decision to come to Colorado State?
Andre McFarland: Very big. Last school I committed to was school was a trust issue. Knowing Coach Slocum helped out because I knew he knew my best interests.

Jason Brill (Castle Rock, CO): How do you like the MWC Tournament being played in Las Vegas? Do you think UNLV gets an unfair advantage?
Andre McFarland: I enjoy it personally, but yes they do have an unfair advantage. They get to play every game at home, but they also get a great crowd every time.

Tre (Atlanta): What NBA player do you try to pattern your game after?
Andre McFarland: I like Ray Allen a lot. He's one of my favorite shooters. I like pattern shot after his game.

Stan (Colorado Springs): How many times did you watch the "Reaching the Peak" shows on the Mtn?
Andre McFarland: I tried to catch every episode that came on. It was hard though, the last episode was the shot I missed for the game winner. That wasn't too fun.

Sandy (Fort Collins): What do you like to do for fun when you're not playing basketball?
Andre McFarland: Hang with the team, other sporting activities like bowling. I love miniature golfing too!

Dan (In real life): Seems like a lot of fans are frustrated with the way the season is going. What would you say to the fans to give them hope things are going to turn around?
Andre McFarland: It's a long season, we go through our ups and downs, but I'm sure we can turn it around.

Harrison (Greeley): Do you get to watch the CSU women's basketball team play? Do you have a favorite player on their team?
Andre McFarland: I watch them play whenever I get a chance. I don't have a favorite player, they're all my friends, so I like to watch them all play.

Dan (Windsor): Why did you choose to come to Colorado State? What's your favorite part of being in Fort Collins? We enjoying having you here, you're a great player and I think great things will happen to you once it's all said and done.
Andre McFarland: The reason I chose Colorado State was because of DeMario Slocum, Fort Collins is a small town, Coach Miles is a great guy, he made me feel comfortable in the recruiting process.

Ricky (Loveland): Who do you think is the best team in the MWC right now?
Andre McFarland: I'm a little biased, so probably the team that just beat us, BYU.

fred: What did you think of the Utah Utes winning the Sugar Bowl and going 13-0?
Andre McFarland: That was a big thing for the MWC, letting everyone know that we are a conference that should not be overlooked in any way.

Granderson (Vegas): Growing up in Las Vegas who were some of your favorite Runnin' Rebels?
Andre McFarland: My favorite Runnin' Rebel growing up was Marcus Banks. He would come to my high school for an open gym and practice with us.

Greg (CSU student): What are your plans for the offseason? Do you stay in Fort Collins or go back to Vegas?
Andre McFarland: I plan on spending most of time here in Fort Collins, but I will go home to visit my mom and hang out with my brothers.

Travis (Parker): Last year you played all over the place, in the post on the wing. What position do you prefer to play? Do you consider yourself a 2, 3, or 4?
Andre McFarland: I consider myself a 3 right now. Last year I had to feel in roles where I was needed.

Steve (Westminster): Do you like Tim Miles as your coach?
Andre McFarland: Yeah, he's a good guy. He's very passionate about what he does and I like that.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins CO: What do you think about the Mountain West this year for basketball? Do you all know much about the next 2 teams that you all play?
Andre McFarland: The conference as a whole is good. As we've any team can beat any other team on any given night.

Erik Sampson Fort.Collins Co: How are the New Athletic Facillties going to help the Basketball teams?
Andre McFarland: It should help with the recruiting process. Everyone likes to come to a school with nice facilities. It will be nice when we won't have to always go to the Moby IM gym.
Andre McFarland: Hey thanks fans for chatting with me. Hope to see you at the game tomorrow night vs. UNLV.

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